pic2Recently, I had a chat with Sandy Weiner on the coming Certified Mastery Coach Programme of which she will be delivering in August 2013  for coach-students and leaders in this part of the world.

Sandy is a pioneering ICF-Master Certified Coach (MCC) at a time when there were few in the world. With her vast knowledge and solid experience it was only natural for ICF to grow more MCCs in the world through training and assessing coach-aspirants who want to take this route.

Here are excerpts of the chit chat I had with her.

What does Coaching at mastery level means?

Mastery coaching is about creating mastery for both the coach and the client. As a master coach, we enable the clients to create their intended future. In doing this, they go beyond the goal, the task and even their vision where they make even deeper change for themselves.

Mastery coaching enables momentous, expansive and ongoing change, which lasts beyond the current situation. While non mastery coaches address specific issues, the mastery coaches get to the core of the issue where the change comes from within the client. This change is not just momentous but it also impacts other issues systematically in the client’s personal and private life.

This change seems to happen easily, as it is happening at a core level with the coach guiding and not teaching them what to do at all. However to hold that kind of space, it takes a coach to go beyond the use of coaching models to internalise them while following the energy of the client. In short, mastery coaching is a synergistic relationship, which enables synergistic change to happen permanently.

Why forward looking coaches should take the mastery route?

When you want to create lasting change in an organisation, or an individual wanting to go beyond the situation, mastery coaching opens up that space. Mastery coaching enables deep changes with the master coach having the power and skills to facilitate the deep changes in the client. From the master coach’s deep inner-knowing, the client learns to find their own. Both partners together to learn to move to a place where the deepest level of trust and knowledge create the change to occur. Mastery coaching aligns the coach with who they are as a person and thereafter aligns the client with who they are and their purpose in life.

Why is this programme unique?

In his book, “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell contends that to gain mastery of a subject requires 10,000 hours of work. This mastery training greatly compacts these many hours by teaching coaches to follow mastery from within. Thus, mastery training enables change within organisations, individuals and even coaches on a much deeper level.

There is nothing like this programme in existence today. Unlike any other programme, it is designed to teach each coach individually to find where they are now and to flow with their own natural process for growth. Coaches heal themselves and their clients at the same time, while greatly ameliorating their personal ability to effect deeper changes on themselves.

The training provides a safe space for coaches to explore their relationships with themselves and their “clients”.

The course is taught as a session among equals in an open and safe space with a trusting environment that allows participants to find themselves as master coaches. Participants move beyond habitual models and processes into integrated inner cognition and trust. It is expected that these coaches will say that the experience here will be one of the most impactful events of their life. They will find their inner self-confidence and power, with changes happening in their relationships with their clients and the people in their lives.

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