A Success Magnet!

Just the other day, I decided to call up Minah, an old coaching client of mine to see how she was doing.  Much to my delight and happiness, Minah, is now a fully ‘transformed’ person today.  She speaks with so much confidence and from her tone of voice, anyone would know that this is a person who is so positive and happy with her life.

 But this was a totally different person 2 years ago when we first met.  Her life then was in a mess; her career, relationship, health, family and everything were not going against her. 

 We spent some time talking about her transformation, especially on how she had successfully pulled herself out of her mess and is now riding high in her life.  She recalled being struck by the realization that only she could make the decision of either getting out or continued to be in her current state then.  She decided to get out of it.  Then miracles began to happen one by one.

She began to dig deep into herself to find new and greater strengths to meet her challenges. Because she had set her mind of getting out of her mess, somehow she found the means and the resources to do so.  In her words, she realized that she had the hidden skills, which she never thought that she had. Since then, there was no turning back; the past was a closed chapter in her life.  Her only regret was why she allowed herself to be in this sorry state for so long before firmly deciding to do something radical about it.

Many of us are in the same situation like Minah, waiting for disaster to strike before reaching out for our hidden skills.  The lesson we learned from Minah is when things are not going our way, we must act fast and not sit there waiting for it to change.  For instance, why hang around until you get sack from your boring job before you make a new career move, or allowing yourself to a poor relationship when you can make repairs or get out of it completely.  So when you are feeling stressed and down, take a fresh look at where you are and why, before you burn out.

 When you do not allow yourself to be a victim of your circumstances it is because you do not allow words like ‘average’ and ‘normal’ to apply to you. Instead, you are inspired by words like ‘extraordinary’ or ‘special’ and will therefore allow a chain of ‘miracles’ (like in Minah’s case) to happen to your life.  You will get the results you want because you believe in yourself.  You will have the power to turn around negative state of mind and thereby unlock the amazing creative potential in you.

So are you ready to attract success?

10 Ways to Attract Success

  1. Be true and honest with yourself.
  2. Appreciate your uniqueness, for God has made you very special.
  3. Develop your inner strengths and talents.
  4. Think Big.
  5. Believe in yourself and radiate confidence.
  6. Believe in yourself and radiate confidence.
  7. Believe that miracles do happen, when you want them.
  8. Love and appreciate all the experiences, whether they are good or bad.
  9. Be a go-getter and ‘average’ is not in your vocabulary.
  10. Never, ever give up!

The writer is Dr Michael Heah, ICF-MCC, Founder & CEO of Corporate Coach Academy (CCA)

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