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Transforming People & Business

Personal Executive Coaching

A personal face to face relationship where the incumbent and the executive coach work on a specific agenda over a period of time.

Team Coaching & Facilitation

A coach facilitator acting as chairperson in managing a meeting in a structured manner and holding everyone accountable to achieve an agreed agenda.   

Shadow Coaching

The coach shadows or observes them in action while performing a task in a real life setting such as: when chairing a meeting, mingling in a social setting, speaking to a crowd, etc and provides immediate feedback on their performance after the task is done.

Coaching Forums

These are ½ day to full day practical group coaching sessions. They are facilitated by one or more coaches of various disciplines who work with 3-12 participants on certain aspects of skills ranging from selling skills, relationship, leadership skills, coaching skills, strategic management, mental strengthening skills and so on. 

Why Choose Us?

As an Executive Coaching company, we are dedicated to working in partnership with our clients both local and global to enhance their performance both for individuals as well as for organizations and businesses. 
Driven by its mission ‘Transforming People and Organization, CC stays focused on its path in deploying true blue Coaching through its consortium of ICF qualified professional coaches,
CC’s coaches are global coaches for all of them are ICF credentialed by the world’s foremost coaching body.

Transforming People and Business

 As the Leading Coaching Support Company for Individuals & Organisations

Our Track Record

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